Print Information

Data sheet: Information on creating your print file


Datenformat: XXX x XXX mm

Please create your print data in this specified format. trim of 3 mm is included in the dimensions .


The bleed is added to the final format of your print. Always place all images and elements that fall off the edge (such as full-surface backgrounds or images that should run out to a format or page edge) to the edge of the data format (including bleed).
We will later remove the bleed when we cut it to your final format. This ensures that there are no white “flashes” on the side edges and that your motif is actually flush with the side edge.



Final format : XXX x XXX mm
The final format of your printed product.



Safety distance: 6 mm

(on all sides)

You should not place any important elements or texts in the specified safety distance (calculated from the data format). These could be difficult to see or cut due to production.



How to create your print data correctly: 5 important information


Trim for trimmed elements

Make sure that all objects (images, colored areas, gradients, backgrounds, etc.) that are to run at least in one place up to a page or format edge are placed right on the outer edge of the data format . This way we can avoid small white edges remaining on the cut edges due to small deviations when cutting your print object.


No color surprises thanks to CMYK color mode

Your cell phone or digital camera usually displays images in RGB color mode. However, these are colors for display on a digital monitor, not for print applications.
When printing, make sure that images are converted in CMYK color mode .
Otherwise we will automatically convert your data from RGB to CMYK. However, there may be slight color deviations. For a print and color result with more control, check whether your images are in CMYK or convert your images yourself with an image editing program.


Sufficient resolution for pixel-free images
For high-quality printing, at least 300 dpi in the resolution of your images is required.
If you do not use high-resolution images for your printing project, the worst that can happen is pixelated and blurred results.

Save document as PDF Save your print layout as a PDF file with embedded fonts and, at best, reduced transparencies.

Creating documents with the correct page order
If you have a document with several pages to print, send us everything in the correct page order in a single PDF file , or you can mark all the individual pages with consecutive page numbers.




Overview of your product data:

Flyer DIN A8 (5.2 cm x 7.4 cm), printed on one side

90g high quality matt print

4/0 colored (one-sided printing)

Endformat: 5,2 cm x 7,4 cm

Data format: 5.8 cm x 8.0 cm


Your desired edition produced as a photo-realistic digital print.

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